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Stamps of the World Wiki has been created to allow information about philately to be freely available to collectors. With this fascinating hobby knowledge is key and often information is difficult to come by. By allowing users to update the pages within the site we hope to have an encyclopedia of stamps and collecting in one searchable database.

Our first major task is to start listing the sets that have been issued from around the world. A single page for each set showing basic philatelic information and images for every stamp in the set. The amount of pages that have been created and images uploaded can always be seen on the front page.

Currently Site Stats - 18,938 articles containing 276,091 images.

Once we have the base catalog created there will be an effort to elaborate on the sets to allow the site to be used as a research tool. The wiki way of working allows as much or as little information to be added to each page. Varieties of stamps can easily be displayed including other formats such as First Day Covers, Presentation Packs, Maxi Cards, Miniature Sheets. Pages can also be linked to other resources for further reading such as Wikipedia.

Why get involved ? Once you place a piece of information on the site it is here to stay for everyone to see. The information can only grow - and a site like this will never be complete. Dealers and Part Time sellers can link their sales to specific pages on the Stamp Wiki to give users all the information they need about their purchases.

Welcome to the Stamp Wiki and we appreciate your contribution to this free stamp resource.

Happy Stamping.