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Real nameIan Gibbons
LocationNewcastle, United Kingdom
BirthdayNovember 30th
OccupationSelf-employed Distributor.

Part time wiki-admin. Part time FB group admin. Lets not forget Philatelist and still learning. Husband, Father, Son.

SchoolsUniversity Sheffield
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posted 5 days ago

I can't upload images any more. It says only administrators can do it.

posted 27 days ago

How do I purchase stamps from your company?

posted 56 days ago

Hello Ian G./STOW team, A couple of things, the page name for

It may need to be fixed, perhaps it should read 1878-1882? not 1872?

And I like to suggest that the £5 Orange (1882+) have its own page as there is a bit of crowding on the page its displayed on. I there is an ulterior motive in asking too, I have recently purchasesd a specimen £5 and now have a copy of the Horsey book (2013) and want to do some work on the stamp and add my image too.

This is the page URL,

Regards, Peter Nakitch Bathurst, NSW, Australia

posted 182 days ago

Estimado, quisiera que me digas la forma de cambiar una imagen en una página de un país determinado.Gracias.

posted 230 days ago

Hello Ian, I do attempt to add the geographical co-ordinates for the postmark pages I add but in some instances like ones I have just created I am unable to find any reference to the placenames.


posted 478 days ago

Hi Ian, thanks for your message and the perfect pages - James Heal (our president) gave me the link to these web-pages: I'm not sure if we met each other during GBCWPS-meetings in the last years. I will have certainly some more missing pictures of quite rare postmarks (and stamps on cover as "single franking") - cause these are my two parts of collecting where I'm most specialized in.. Best regards, Olaf

posted 774 days ago

OK.. so you can send messages like that, how about with email?

posted 959 days ago

Ok, I saw he had queried it on Mulready, will follow up if reqd.


posted 1000 days ago

Cheers, Ian

posted 1000 days ago

I'll bear that in mind, thanks, Ian