Welshpool (GB)

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Welshpool was allocated the 852 Post Office Numeral.
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The town of Welshpool became a borough under the title of Burgus de Pola by charter in 1263. The original borough merely consisted of what was afterwards known as Pool Middle extending to 60 acres the area later being increased to 20,426 acres by a charter granted by Edward de Cherleton, Lord of Powys on 29th June 1406 as a reward for the fidelity of the burgesses during the Welsh National movement under Owen Glyndwr.

The primitive Welshpool known as y Trallwm, formed part of the territories of the Welsh Princes of Powys and came into being some thirteen centuries ago following the erection of a church by St. Llewelyn (and yet another by St. Cynvelyn).

Postmark Examples[edit]

In 1840 Welshpool was allocated a Maltese cross that turned out to be distinctive in that it had a solid centre diamond Plate 35 1d Red EG
In 1844 the town was allocated the 852 Numeral Plate 90 PF