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West Calder (Scots: Wast Cauder, Gaelic: Calder an Iar) is a town in West Lothian, (formerly in Midlothian) Scotland, located 4 miles west of Livingston. The town was an important centre for the oil shale economy in the 19th and 20th Centuries. West Calder has its own railway station. The surrounding villages that take the towns name in their address; Polbeth, Addiewell, Loganlee, Harburn and Westwood outline the area that this town encompasses and they all have played an important part in the history of the town as well as West Lothian. It is also the most northerly centre of the Dogs Trust, closely followed by the new centre at Glasgow. The town is a 10-minute drive from Livingston, which is host to two large shopping centres. A memorial in the centre of the town remembers the fifteen men killed on 10 January 1947 as a result of an explosion at the Burngrange oil shale mine southwest of the town.

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West Calder Midlothian 1948 with blocks in arc
West Calder Midlothian 1967 with lines in arc
West Calder Midlothian 1960 with lines in arc
Cobbinshaw West Calder Midlothian 1977

West Lothian[edit]

West Calder West Lothian 1974 with lines in arc