Zagreb (HR)

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Postal service since 1529, coat of arms 1499

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city (792,875 inhabitants in 2011 on 641 km2) of the Republic of Croatia. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river, at the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain. Historically in the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia, seat of the Zagreb County.

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Postmarks in Croatia (after 1991)[edit]

41101 Zagreb FDC 1992
Postmark Zagreb (Z) - 10101, 2012.

Postmarks in Yugoslavia (1945-1991)[edit]

Postmarks in Croatia (1941-1945)[edit]

Circle ZAGREB 6 in 1943.

Postmarks in the Kingdom Yugoslavia (1929-1941)[edit]

Zagreb 1[edit]

4 D circle on 1932 issue.
Postmark ZAGREB 1, 20.11.1932
Zagreb 1 in 1933.


Bridge ZAGREB 6 in 1934.
Circle ZAGREB 11 on 22.III.1935, after murder of King Alexander.

Postmarks in the Kingdom SHS (1918-1929)[edit]

First issue 15 Vinar for Slovenia 1919 used Dec 1920
First issue 5 Vin for Slovenia 1919 red cancel.


Serbo-croat bilingual ZAGREB 2 in 1928.
Bridge ZAGREB 4 in 1922.
Bridge ZAGREB C (?) in 1930.

Postmarks in the Kingdom of Hungary era (1867-1918)[edit]

Bilingual is rare in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Bilingual Zágráb - Zagreb on a 1881 issue.
Bilingual in 1885 on a Bosnia-Herzegovina issue!
Bilingual ZÁGRÁB M..-ZAGREB DRŽ.KOL. in May 1900.
ZÁGRÁB-ZAGREB F2 in November 1900.

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Croatia-Slavonia province[edit]

The AGRAM post office opened before 1850.


Type RO AGRAM RECOMANDIRT + 6 kr RDo-Ry (1850). Sold 4,600 SF in 2003.