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's-Hertogenbosch (literally "The Duke's Forest", in French and historically in English: Bois-le-Duc), is a city and municipality in the southern Netherlands. It is the capital of the province of North Brabant. In speech, the Dutch seldom use the formal 's-Hertogenbosch but rather the colloquial Den Bosch. Den Bosch means "The Forest".

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Postmark Examples

Coded Postal Obliterator nr 57 (= 's-Hertogenbosch). c.1867. Stampset.png
Coded Postal Obliterator nr 57 (= 's-Hertogenbosch). c.1872. Stampset.png
Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 1872. Stampset.png
Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 1885. Stampset Stampset.png
Postal Order Stamp s-Hertogenbosch 1895. Stampset Stampset.png
Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 1898. Stampset Stampset.png
Advertising Hand Stamp: "Settle down in Den Bosch / Building land available for Trade and Industry", 10.VIII.1927.
Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 1994.
Postmark 's-Hertogenbosch 1994. Stampset Stampset.png
s-Hertogenbosch 2008 (?), from Business Point Plevierstraat
Stampset.png Cancel 26-X-1981

Slogan and Machine Cancels

Inkjet cancel 16-V-2014
Inkjet cancel at Christmas time 2020.

Meter cancels

Meter cancels, 1935.
Meter cancel, 1941.
Meter cancel, 1966.
Meter cancel, 1978.
Meter cancel, 1981.
Meter cancel, 1982.
Meter cancel, 1983.
Meter cancel, 1984.
Meter cancel, 1986.
Meter cancel, 1987.
Meter cancel, 1988.
Meter cancel, 1988.
Meter cancel, 1988.
Meter cancel, 1989.
Meter cancel, 1991.
Meter cancel 1993
Meter cancel, 1994.
Meter cancel, 1994.
Meter cancel 1995
Meter cancel 1995
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Meter cancel, 2003.
Meter cancel, 2007.