't Zandt (NL)

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't Zandt is a village in the Dutch province of Groningen. It is located in the municipality of Loppersum. 't Zandt was a separate municipality until 1990, when it was merged with Loppersum. The municipality covered the villages 't Zandt, Zeerijp, Leermens, Eenum and Oosterwijwerd, and the hamlets Zijldijk, Kolhol, Korendijk and 't Zandstervoorwerk.

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Postmark Examples

Postmark 't Zandt 1897. Stampset Stampset.png
Cancel 't Zandt (Gron.),1902. The lines behind the portrait are narrower than in the 1922 emission. See also Stampset Stampset.png
Cancel 't Zandt (Groningen), 31-III-1922?, rare cancel on Queen Wilhelmina 1922 issue, Stamp also included at Stampset.png

Cards and Covers

Stamped letter card, model Vürtheim 1899, sent 21 dec 1900 from Loppersum (Groningen) to 't Zandt (Groningen), where it arrived the same day. Forewarded the following day to Zijlrijk (Groningen). Collection of Jan Boon.