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Aachen city views on 1973 issue
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Aachen (French exonym: Aix-la-Chapelle, Dutch: Aken, Latin: Aquisgranum) is a German spa and border town (241,683 inhabitants end 2013) located between the Eifel, South Limburg (Netherlands) and High Fens (Belgium) regions. Aachen was a favoured residence of Charlemagne, and later the place of coronation of the German kings, which is where it gained the reference as the "watering-place of kings." Geographically, Aachen is the westernmost city of Germany, located along its borders with Belgium and the Netherlands. It is located within a former coal-mining region, and this fact was important in its economic history. Historically, a District in the Rheinland province of Prussia.

Postmarks in Unified Germany

Postmarks in Federal Republic of Germany

Meter cancel Aachen 1987.

Postmarks in Allied Occupied Germany

First Day of Issue

Slogan Postmarks

Aachen (DE) aosp.jpg


Censored Drucksache Postcard, British Zone with US Censor handstamp

Postmarks in German Empire

Circle AACHEN 1 on 13 October 1877.
Circle AACHEN 3 on 25 March 1878.
Aachen, 17.2.1902, Deutsches Reich, Reichspost, Germania series: Stampset.png
Bridge AACHEN *1k in 1922.
Bridge in 1922.
Bridge in 1923.
Circle in 1933.

Cards and Covers

Postal Card sent from Aachen (Germany) to Mechelen (the Nertherlands), 1903.


Frame at AACHEN BAHNHOF on a 1872 issue.


Burtscheid is a district of Aachen. Porcetum was inhabited since ancient times by Celts and Romans, who were attracted by the presence of hot springs. Burtscheid Abbey was founded here in 997 by emperor Otto III. From 1816 Burtscheid was the administrative capital of the district of Aachen. In 1897 Burtscheid became part of the city of Aachen. It is part of the Aachen-Mitte Stadtbezirk, as a health resort.

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Postal code 52066

The BURTSCHEIDT post office used a Prussian code 217, Kreis Aachen, Aachen district. Named BURTSCHEID in 1874.

Circle in 1887.

Cards and covers

3pf used on postal card sent from AACHEN in March 1906 to ARNHEIM Netherlands. Sender tried to send as the cheaper "Drucksache" Paper-rate, but as the card has a photo it was not allowed and taxed the underpaid postcard rate double.

Postmarks in North German Confederation

Frame at the station in 1870.

Postmarks in Prussia Rheinland province

Kreis AACHEN used a Postal code 1, District Aachen.

Prussia first issue (1850), rings cancelled 1.
Prussia issue 1857 with circle AACHEN.
Prussia issue 1858 with circle AACHEN.
Prussia issue 1858 with DC AACHEN.


Prussia issues 1856-1857, circle. Mi8a&7b&5a. Sold 1,050 DM in 1983.

Postmark as Free imperial city

Before French occupation in 1792, as Département de La Roër (103).

Linear red Aix la Ch in 1791 on cover to Hodimont (Verviers) in Belgium.