Ajman 1967 Definitives Overprinted New Currency

From Stamps of the World
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1d on 1n.p
2d on 2n.p
3d on 3n.p
4d on 4n.p
5d on 5n.p
10d on 10n.p
15d on 15n.p
20d on 20n.p
30d on 30n.p
40d on 40n.p
50d on 50n.p
70d on 70n.p
1r on 1r.p
1r50 on 1r50
2r on 2r
5r on 5r
10r on 10r


15d on 15n.p
25d on 25n.p
35d on 35n.p
50d on 50n.p
75d on 75n.p
1r on 1r
2r on 2r
3r on 3r
5r on 5r