Aland 1993 Regional Geology

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  • Issue date: 3rd September 1993, or
  • Issue date (10p, 1.60Fm, 2.90Fm values): 1st February 1994
  • Issue date (2.30Fm, 3.40Fm and 7.00Fm values): 2nd January 1995
  • Designed by: Charles Hemmingsson
  • Printed by: The House of Questa
  • Print process: lithography
  • Perforations: 14¾ x 14½, or 14½ x 14¾ (3.40Fm, 7.00Fm)

Bedrock (Åland Geology - rock formations)

Sheet stamps

1m 60
2m 30
2m 70
2m 90
3m 40

Designs of the 1995 values:
2.30Fm ~ The Pitcher of Källskär, formation sculpted by rotating glacial meltwater, on island of Kökar
3.40Fm ~ erratic boulder at Torskär, Kökar archipelago
7.00Fm ~ rock pothole (2m across) at Bänö in Föglö

First Day Covers

First Day Cover, 1993 values
First Day Cover, 1994 values
First Day Cover, 1995 values