Aland 1999 Furniture Decoration

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 1st February 1999
  • four values se-tenant in a booklet pane of eight
  • Designed by: Anki Williams
  • Printed by: Setec Oy, Finland
  • Print process: offset lithography
  • stamp format height 25mm x width 34mm. Booklet pane height 50mm x width 162mm (including L & E tabs)
  • Perforations: 13.75 x 14, each stamp with either top or with base sides imperforate

Åland Folk Art. Furniture Decoration

Booklet (19.20Fm) ~ 2.40Fm x four designs x two copies each, in composite design
2.40Fm ~ painting of a bellflower, and painted wardrobe, by Gustaf Pilou, 1752-1791. Imperf at top
2.40Fm ~ spinning wheel distaff and pained carved mahogany panel, by Gustaf Kellgren, 1812-1888. Imperf at top
2.40Fm ~ Chest (trunk) with internal and external painted decoration (1782), and flowers, by Gustaf Pilou. Imperf at base
2.40Fm ~ Spinning wheel (1879) and flower painting by Gabriel Ivars, 1845-1912. Imperf at base
Booklet cover: detail of front panel of the Pilou chest

Booklet stamps

2.40Fm x4 values se-tenant (half a booklet pane)

Booklet pane

mint booklet pane of 8
booklet cover