Alderney 1997 Definitive Booklet. Butterflies and Buddleia

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 2nd January 1997
  • Designer: Wendy Bramall
  • Printed by: House of Questa, England
  • Print process: offset lithography
  • Stamp format height x 40.64mm x width 30.37mm
  • booklet pane height 174mm x width 61mm including top selvedge). Booklet format (cover) height 60mm x width 194mm
  • Paper: 102gsm Unwatermarked with PVA Adhesive
  • Perforations 14 x 14.75 with one imperf edge (either left or right side)

Alderney definitives, 1994-1998. Flora and Fauna, second series. Booklet £1.44, Butterfly and Buddleia

Pane of 18p x 8 copies (four stamps imperf left side, four stamps imperf right side), one fold
18p ~ small tortoiseshell Aglais urticae, on flowers of buddleia bush (typically flowers in UK in July)
The latin name of the butterfly, urticae, refers to its caterpillar's food plant, the stinging nettle. This butterfly can hibernate overwinter

Stamp Booklet

booklet cover
18p pair from booklet pane
8 x 18p Imperf Left & Right Via (£1.44p Booklet)