Alderney 1999 Solar Eclipse

From Stamps of the World
  • Last Solar Eclipse of the 20th Century on 11th August 1999
  • Miniature Sheet also shows PHILEX FRANCE 99 Logo.
  • Issued: 27th April 1999
  • Design: Victoria Kinnersly
  • Printed in lithography by Joh. Enschedé
  • Sheet Size: 50, (2 panes 5 by 5)
  • Stamp size: 25½mm x 40mm, Miniature Sheet: 191mm x 80mm
  • Perforations 13½x13
  • Withdrawn: 26th April 2000.
Local Time: 10.15am
Local Time: 10.51am
Local Time: 11.14am
Local Time: 11.16am
Local Time: 11.17am
Local Time: 11.36am

First Day Cover

First Day Cover

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Miniature Sheet

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First Day Cover

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