Algeria 1989 Definitive 1.00d. View of Constantine

From Stamps of the World
  • Date of issue: 26th January 1989
  • one value and a booklet with a pane of five
  • Designed by:
  • Printed by:
  • Print process: lithography
  • Perforation: 13.25 x 12.5; booklet stamps are imperf at left, or imperf at right

Definitive. View of Constantine, with the Sidi M'Cid Bridge (1912) over the Rhumel Gorge

1.00dh ~ sheet stamp, perforated four sides
booklet pane of 1.00dh x 5 plus a label; pane is imperf at left and imperf at right

1.00dh sheet stamp
stamp booklet pane of 5 x 1.00dh
booklet cover