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Ansbach is a city (41,159 inhabitants end 2015) in the German state of Bavaria. It is the capital of the administrative region of Middle Franconia. Ansbach is situated on the Fränkische Rezat (Rezat River), a tributary of the Main river.

Developed in the 8th century as a Benedictine monastery, it became the seat of the Hohenzollern family in 1331. In 1460, the Margraves of Branderberg–Anspach lived here. The city has a castle known as Margrafen–Schloss, built between 1704-1738. It was not badly damaged during the World Wars and hence retains its original historical baroque sheen. Ansbach is now home to a US military base and to the Ansbach University of Applied Sciences.

It used stamps issued by the Bavaria (Bayern) State until 1920.

Germany Bundespost

It currently has the postal code 91522.

Allied Occupied Germany


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German Empire era

Bavaria State era

Until 31 March 1920.

A Bavarian post office opened in 1809. It used numerals 12 and 19 (after 1857) within a mill wheel (Mühlrad).

Circle ANSBACH 8 on a 1870 issue.