Argentina 1860 - 1880 Corrientes Ceres Head

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  • Issue Dates: 1860 through 1880
  • Designed by:
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography
  • Perforations: Imperforate
  • Catalogue Michel Corrientes 3a to 6e

Denomination removed from die.

Issues 1860-1867

The pen was usually used until 1867 for the stamp cancel.

3c black on blue 1860, pen cancel Mi3a
2c black on yellow green 1864 Mi4a
2c black on bluish green, pen cancel 1865 Mi4b
2c black on yellow 1867, blue postal Mi5

Issues 1871-1877

3c black on dark blue 1871 Mi3b
3c black on purple (lilac-rose) 1875 Mi6b
File:Argentina 1875 Ceres Head b.jpg
3c black on salmon 1875 Mi6c
2c black on rose 1876 Mi6d
File:Argentina 1876 Ceres Head b.jpg
2c black on brick red 1876
File:Argentina 1877 Ceres Head a.jpg
3c black on pale rose 1877

Issues 1879-1880

File:Argentina 1879 Ceres Head a.jpg
3c black on dull lilac 1879
3c black on magenta 1880

Geneva forgeries

Cfr Wikimedia analysis by Arno-nl.

3c black on blue
2c black on yellow green
2c black on yellow
3c black on dull rose 1874 Mi6a
3c black on dark lilac