Argentina 1863 Escuditos

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  • Issue Dates: 1863-1864
  • Designed by: Roberto Lange
  • Printed by: Roberto Lange & Banco y Casa de Moneda, Buenos Aires
  • Print Process: Lithography
  • Perforations: Imperforate
  • Catalogue N°s Michel 5II-7II

Seal of the Republic. Broad "C" in "CENTAVOS", No accent over "REPUBLICA".

Used stamps

5 centavos

5c rose linear FRANCA Mi5II
5c rose, round frame TUCUMAN FRANCA Yv5d
5c carmine (?) ROSARIO
5c blue oval used
5c pair, half circle CORDOBA FRANCA
5c rose (worn plate)
5c carmine rose (worn plate)

10 centavos

10c yellow green black oval used Mi6II
File:Argentina 1863 Escuditos bb.jpg
10c green on ribbed paper
File:Argentina 1863 Escuditos bc.jpg
10c yellow green (worn plate)
File:Argentina 1863 Escuditos bd.jpg
10c olive green (worn plate)

15 centavos

Very rare.

Private issues

Narrow C. Purpose?

5c red oval DEL ROSARIO, forgery?
10 c