Australia 1913 Roo Definitives

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Australia 1913 Roo Definitives a.jpg
  • Issue dates: 2 January 1913-1914
  • Designer: William Blamire Young (1862-1935)
  • Engraver: Samuel Reading
  • Printer: J.B. Cooke
  • Printing process: Engraved
  • Perforations: 12
  • Watermark: Wide crown over wide A (SG W2)
  • Catalogue N°s: Michel 4-18, Yvert 1-15, SG 1-16


The Kangaroo stamp was designed by William Blamire Young, from an idea by the Postmaster General, Mr. Frazer, along with a stamp design competition entry called "Baldy" (the Kangaroo) by Edwin A. Arnold of London. These were the first uniform Commonwealth stamps issued in Australia, replacing the Colonial (or State) issues, although the early design stamps (Colonial or State Issues) remained valid for postage until February 13, 1966 (at which time Decimal Currency came into effect in Australia). The "Roo" issue was in use until 1950, being then replaced by the "Coat of Arms" issue for the high values and the King George VI issue for the lower values.

A one pound (£1) Grey Kangaroo stamp was also prepared but was never released with the normal issue. It was only released as a perfin Official stamp.

There are 2 dies (a lower left frame break was corrected).


5d Green
Issued: 16 January
1d Red
Issued: 2 January
2d Grey
Issued: 11 January
2.5d Blue
Issued: 27 January
3d Olive
Issued: 22 January
4d Orange
Issued: 12 February
5d Brown
Issued: 16 January
6d Ultramarine
Issued: 11 January
9d Violet
Issued: 29 January
1s Green
Issued: 21 January
2s Brown
Issued: 25 January
5s Grey & Yellow
Issued: 20 March
10s Grey & Pink
Issued: 20 March
£1 Brown & Blue
Issued: 20 March
£2 Black & Pink
Issued: 8 April

Used stamps

SG#7 is skipped.

Half d 54 in oval.
Half d circle at HAYMARKET NSW in December 1913.
1 d bridge at FREMANTLE in September 1913.
1 d circle at BUNDABERG (?) Queensland in June 1914.
3 d olive, circle at ALBANY Western A. in 1915. SG5
4 d orange, circle at KALGOORLIE in January 1914. SG6
5 d chestnut, circle at SYDNEY. SG8
6d ultramarine, used (unclear). SG9
9d violet, used Dec. 1913. SG10