Australia 1941 Surcharge

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 10 Dec 1941
  • Stamp design: R.A. Harrison (2d) and Frank D. Manley (3d and 5d)
  • Overprints design: F.D. Manley
  • Engraved by: T. C. Duffell revised lettering (2d) and F. D. Manley (3d and 5d)
  • Printing process: Recess on Chalk-surfaced paper
  • Watermark: Multiple crown and C of A (sideways on 5d)
  • Perforations: 14 x 15 (2d and 3d) or 14 x 13½ (5d)
2½d on 2d scarlet
3½d on 3d bright blue
5½d on 5d purple