Australia 1959 Definitives, Flora and Fauna

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 1959 - 1964
  • Stamp design: Eileen Mayo (6d, 8d, 9d, 11d, 1s, 1s 2d), B. Stewart (5s), Margaret Stones (others)
  • Engraved by: P. E. Morriss (11d), Frank D. Manley (1s), B. Stewart (others)
  • Printing process: Recess
  • Watermark: Multiple crown and C of A (5s), no watermark (others)
  • Perforations: 14 x 15 (1s 2d), 15 x 14 (6d to 1s), 14½ x 14 (5s) or 14½ (others)
6d brown
8d red-brown
9d deep sepia
11d deep blue
1s deep green
1s 2d deep purple
1s 6d crimson/yellow
2s grey-blue
2s 3d green/maize
2s 3d yellow green
2s 5d brown/yellow
3s scarlet
5s red-brown
5s white paper brown-red