Australia 1999 Celebrate 2000

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Australia 1999 Millennium Greeting Stamp a.jpg
  • Issue Date : 1 November 1999
  • Designed by : Chris Shurey
  • Printed by : SNP Ausprint
  • Print Process : Lithography
  • Perforations : 14.5 x 14.0
  • Stamp Size: 30.5 mm x 30 mm (47 mm x 30 mm with tab)
  • Formats: sheetlets of 10 or 20 with tab
  • Withdrawal date: 31 December 2000


It promised to be the New Year of a lifetime because millions of people in the Western world viewed 1 January 2000 as the advent of the new millennium. The fact that the new millennium will not begin until 2001 will not deter people from celebrating – the dawn of the year 2000 just sounds more magical than the dawn of 2001.

People are more excited about 2000, partly because it is the first time in history that so many people have shared the consciousness that a thousand-year time cycle is about to end. Even the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, although maintaining that 2001 is the start of the next millennium, is planning to celebrate in 2000.

45c Celebrate 2000 Stamp

Reflecting the innovations in technology and the changing of the year, a hologram switching between the years 1999 and 2000 is inset into the stamp. Fireworks, often used to ring in the New Year, also feature in the colourful design. The Celebrate 2000 stamp also comes with a tab (reading ‘Celebrate 2000’) which was available for personalising using the Personalised Stamps service.

45c Celebrate 2000 with tab
45c Celebrate 2000 with personalized tab


The sheetlet of twenty has a decorative selvedge. Stamps with personalized tabs were produced in this format.

Sheetlet of 20 x 45c with tabs

First Day Cover

The first day of issue postmark was GPO Sydney NSW 2000.\

First day cover

Souvenir Covers

A special Celebrate 2000 Souvenir Cover, featuring two Celebrate 2000 stamps and featuring two postmarks celebrating the old and new millenniums was available from the GPO Sydney on 1 January 2000. Postmarked GPO Sydney, the nationally available cover has black postmarking. A cover with red postmarks was available only from the GPO Sydney on 1 January 2000 from 10am until noon.

Souvenir cover with black postmarks
Souvenir cover with red postmarks

Maximum Card

45c Celebrate 2000 maximum card

Presentation Pack

Presentation pack of sheetlet of 10 x 45c
Presentation pack back cover