Australia 1999 Christmas

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Australia 1999 Christmas 40ca.jpg
  • Issue Date : 1 November 1999
  • Designed by : John Coburn, Melinda Coombes (typography), and Jo Muré (product designs)
  • Printed by : SNP Ausprint
  • Print Process : Lithography
  • Withdrawal date: 31 March 2000


Well-known Australian painter and tapestry designer, John Coburn, has designed these Christmas stamps. The stamps feature the Madonna and Child and an abstract Tree of Life. As part of this stamp issue an aerogramme featuring the Christ child was also released.

Coburn’s paintings favour large, stylised shapes, are simply designed and often painted in glowing colours. His work radiates an intense joy that has no counterpart in Australian painting. His artwork also appeared on the 1969 25c Christmas stamp.


Sheet Stamps

  • Format: sheets of 50

45c Madonna and Child Stamp

  • Perforations: 14½ x 14
  • Stamp Size: 26 mm x 37.5 mm
Australia 1999 Christmas 40ca.jpg

$1 Tree of Life Stamp

  • Perforations: 14 x 14½
  • Stamp Size: 37.5 mm x 26 mm
Australia 1999 Christmas $1.jpg

Self-adhesive Stamps

  • Perforations: serpentine die cut 11¾
  • Stamp Size: 26 mm x 37.5 mm
  • Format: booklets of 20

40c Madonna and Child Stamp

Australia 1999 Christmas 40c.jpg


  • Also includes 20 "Card Only" labels.
$8 booklet front cover
Booklet back cover
Partial booklet pane showing 6 x 40c plus 20 labels

80c Christ Child Aerogramme

First Day Cover

The first day of issue postmark was Christmas Hills Tas 7330. An official first day cover for the self-adhesive variety was not produced.

First day cover - sheet stamps

Maximum Cards

40c Madonna and Child maximum card
$1 Tree of Life maximum card

Presentation Pack

Presentation pack front cover
Presentation pack of 2 values