Australia 2002 Flinders-Baudin Bicentenary (Joint issue with France)

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Australia 2002 Explorers (Joint issue with France) a.jpg
  • Issue Date: 4 April 2002
  • Designed by: Brian Sadgrove
  • Printed by: SNP Ausprint
  • Print Process: Lithography
  • Perforations: 14 x 14½
  • Stamp Size: 37.5 mm x 26 mm
  • Format: sheets of 50 (two panes of 25 separated by gutter)


Amid the rivalry of the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars, France and Britain sponsored voyages of discovery to Australia, then New Holland. Led by naval captains Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders, both expeditions carried safe-conducts protecting them from seizure by ships of the opposing navies.

Between 1801 and 1803, Baudin and Flinders filled in most of the gaps on the map of what was then New Holland. The two crossed paths on 8 April 1802 at Encounter Bay, near the South Australian coast. The stamps of this joint issue with France commemorate this meeting.

The stamps were designed by Brian Sadgrove, Melbourne. He has used primary, historical source material to create thoroughly contemporary designs.


Single Stamps

45c Nicolas Baudin Stamp

The 45c stamp features a portrait of Nicolas Baudin, a painting of a kangaroo by Charles Alexandre Lesueur, the French map of the Encounter Bay area, the Géographe taken from the expedition letterhead and Baudin’s signature. Lesueur was nominally an assistant gunner on the French expedition. Baudin recruited Lesueur expecting to put the gunner’s artistic talents to use.

45c Nicolas Baudin

$1.50 Matthew Flinders Stamp

The $1.50 stamp features a portrait of Matthew Flinders, a painting of the Port Lincoln parrot (or Australian ringneck) by Ferdinand Bauer, Flinders’ map of Australia, the Investigator and Flinders’ signature. In 1801 Sir Joseph Banks recruited Bauer – already an experienced botanical artist – for the position of natural history painter to the British expedition. Bauer’s industry and output were remarkable. He sketched over one thousand plants and two hundred animals on the voyage.


Gutter Strip

Gutter strip of 10 x 45c plus 5 labels

First Day Covers

The first day of issue postmarks were Victor Harbor SA 5211 and Paris.

First day cover - two values of Australian issues
First day cover - four values of both countries

Maximum Cards

45c Nicolas Baudin maximum card
$1.50 Matthew Flinders maximum card

Presentation Packs

Front cover of Australian issues presentation pack
Presentation pack of 2 Australian issue values
Front cover of joint issues presentation pack
Presentation pack of 4 joint issue values