Austria-Empire 1850 Centes

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  • Issue Date: 1 June 1850
  • Designed by: J. Herz
  • Engraving by: H. Tautenhayn
  • Printed by: Staatsdruckerei in Vienna
  • Print Process: Typography on Handmade paper (rarely laid)
  • Perforations: Imperforate
  • Watermark: cursive letters KKHM spread on the sheet
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 1X to 5x, shades

Centesimi (CENTES. on stamp) currency was in use in Lombardy and Venetia provinces, before 1 November 1858. 5 Centes = 1 Kreuzer. Unused stamps are rare.

Used stamps

5 Centes. circle at GALLARATE
10 Centes. black
15 Centes. linear type IL-I at PADOVA.
15 Centes. linear type RL-R at SERRAVALLE
Circle at VICENZA
15 Centes. red, usual ornamented DC at VERONA
30 Centes. laid paper, part of frame at MILANO
30 Centes. linear at MONZA
45 Centes. circle at COMO