Austria-Empire 1854

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  • Issue Date: end 1854
  • Designed by: J. Herz
  • Engraving by: H. Tautenhayn
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography on machine paper
  • Perforations: Imperforate
  • Watermark: none
  • Catalogue Michel N°s 1-5Y, types I or III, Ferchenbauer 9 kr also type II.

Unused stamps are rare.

Unused stamps

3 kr Intermediate status (Gravurtype)

Used stamps

1 kr
2 kr black, circle, Ferchenbauer type III.

3 kreuzer

Oval at BROOD in Croatia.
Linear type sL-I at Burkersdorf, west of Vienna.
Linear type RL-R at PULKAU in Lower Austria.
Oval type at LINZ in Upper Austria.
Frame at PRAG in Bohemia.
Circle at INNSBRUCK in Tyrol. Type IIIa

6 kreuzer

Mueller type IL-I at BODENSTADT in Moravia.
Mueller type RL-R at BUTSCHOWITZ in Moravia.
Type RL-R at BIALA in Poland.
Type RL-R at NEUMARKTL in Slovenia.
Type sL-R at Troppau in Czech Silesia.
Circle type RS-f at M. OSTRAU STADT in Moravia.
Circle with Expedition Abends at TRIESTE in Italy.
Grey brown, Registered at RECOMMANDIRT WIEN in 1857.

9 kreuzer

Circle at SCHOENBRUNN, type RS-R in Czech Silesia.
Circle at GRATZ in Austrian Styria.
Type RS-fe at ST.PÖLTEN with Expedition in Lower Austria.
DC with star at ALBA in Hungary.
DC with star at OLLMÜTZ in Moravia.
Type IIIb, DC at BAHNHOF BRÜNN in Moravia.
Decorated DC at LEMBERG in Ukraine, on a stamp with very large margin
Decorated DC at SZEGEDIN in Hungary, luxus, auction image.