Austria-Empire 1856 Newspaper

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  • Issue Date: 21 March 1856
  • Designed by: Josef Axmann (1793-1851)
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: on machine paper
  • Perforations: Imperforate
  • Watermark: none
  • Catalogue N°: Michel 9, Yvert 3

K.K. ZEITUNGS POST STÄMPEL with a Mercury (Hermes) head, no face value (6 kr and 30 Centesimi) but new colour (red instead of yellow). Type III (Antiqua script, see letters G and S in ZEITUNGS). The Zinnober Merkur is the most expensive stamp of the Empire. Validity: until end 1858.

Reprints and forgeries exist (see the 1851 page).


Proposed 45,000 DM in 1973.
Sold 23,000 DM in 1996. Michel N°9(x), short at left.


Reprints and forgeries

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