Austria-Empire 1858

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  • Issue Date: 1 November 1858
  • Designed by: Prof. Meissner
  • Engraving by: Schmidt and Schrepfer
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography
  • Perforations: 14²
  • Watermark: none

Type I head of Franz Josef. Not to be confused with type II (see page Austria-Empire 1859).

Unused stamps

File:Austria-Empire 1858 au.jpg
2 kr deep yellow Mi10I
File:Austria-Empire 1858 bbu.jpg
3 kr grey-black Mi11Ic
15 kr blue Mi15I

Used stamps

2 kr yellow
3 kr grey-black
3 kr black, circle in Moravia.

5 kreuzer

5 kr linear at LANDEK in Tyrol. Page border.
5 kr circle at MAEHR:TRÜBAU in Moravia.
5 kr circle at KOSTAINICA in Military Frontier (Croatia).
5 kr circle at MODOS in Banat (Serbia).
5 kr decorated DC used at NARAJOW in Ukraine.

10 kreuzer

Linear at SPALATO Mueller type RL-I in Croatia.
Linear at FELDKIRCH type RL-R in Vorarlberg.
Italic frame at TRIEST Recommandirt
Decorated DC at FEHRING in Austria.
Antiqua circle at GÖRZ in Italy.
Circle type RSm-f at GÖDING in Moravia.


Four times 10 kr on a envelope cut at IGLAU in Moravia.

15 kreuzer

15 kr used at SCHÖNBERG in Austria (typical DC from Tyrol).
15 kr used at KREIBITZ in Bohemia (Czechia).
15 kr linear, Italian at CATTARO in Montenegro.
15 kr decorated DC at JASLO (Poland)
Red oval cancelled at WIEN?

With Cross St Andreas

Part of the paper margin was filled with a cross type colour shape, the Andreaskreuz.

5 kr used in Lower Austria, part of lower cross.
10 kr at GMUNDEN, part of lower cross.