Austria-Empire 1859

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  • Issue Date: December 1858 - May 1859
  • Designed by: Prof. Meissner
  • Engraving by: Schmidt and Schrepfer
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography on machine paper
  • Perforations: 14²
  • Watermark: none

Revised embossed head of Franz Joseph, so-called type II.


2 kreuzer

2 kr used in Hungary. Mi10II.
2 kr with Andrew cross below.
2 kr used in Romania.
2 kr central circle at Nove Mesto nad Metuji (CZ) in Bohemia.
2 kr pale yellow, multiple ornamented DCs.
2 kr orange looks fake.

3 kr black


Unused, black. Reprint (1870, perf.11)
Frame with expedition. Mi11II.
Oval red cancelled in Vienna. Mi11IIa.
Cancelled in Vienna. Mi11IIa.

3 kr green

Issued 16 March 1859. Shades.

Used in Vienna. Mi12II.
Red circle in Vienna in 1860. Mi12II.
Red circle in Vienna in 1861 (?). Mi12II.
Black circle in Vienna with expedition. Mi12II.

5 kr

Michel N°13II. Sorted by month (exact year unknown).

Antiqua at MITTERNDORF N.Oe. in Lower Austria (month unclear).
Circle 8/3 at GRIESKIRCHEN in Upper Austria.
Circles 6/5 at HASLACH in Upper Austria.
Circle 9/5 at OB.BOBRAU in Moravia.
Circle 2/7 at TRIEST in Italy..
Attractive type GC-I at NEUNKIRCHEN 8 JUL. in Lower Austria.
Circle 31/7 at VÖKLABRUCK in Upper Austria
Circle 9/8 at BERAUN in Bohemia.
Circle 14/8 at W:GARSTEN in Upper Austria.
Circle 15/8 at JETZELSDORF in Lower Austria.
Circle 16/9 at FRANKENMARKT in Upper Austria..
Circle 24/10 at Korycany (CZ) in Moravia.
Circle 30/10 decorated at LANCUT in Poland.
Circle 24/11 at PRZIMISLAU in Bohemia.

Pale red

Circle at LICHTENWALD in Slovenia.
Circle at TEMESVAR in Romania.
Circle at Innsbruck (AT) with hour (8), in Tyrol.

5 kr with Andrew cross

5 kr red, with complete small cross. Sold 11,000 DM in 1980. Mi13II.

5 kr with blue cancel

Fragment at W: NEUDORF, Lower Austria.

5 kr with red cancel

Red oval at the WIEN FILIALAMT in 1859.

10 kr

Shades lilac brown, brown. Michel 14II.

Frame type RB-R at NIKOLSBURG in Moravia.
Linear type RL-r at ROKITZAN in Bohemia.
Script linear type sL-I at U.Brod in Moravia.
Lilac-brown, circle type GS-R at BOIKOWITZ in Moravia.
Circle at RÖMERSTADT in Moravia.
Circle at the Trieste (IT) station, now in Italy
Circle at PIESTING in Lower Austria.
Circle (and plume) at HOHENMAUTH in Bohemia.
Circle at BREGENZ in Vorarlberg.
Circle at DUBIECKO in Poland.
DC decorated used at NAGY BANIA in Romania.
Blue circle at LOMNITZ in Bohemia.

10 kr with red cancel

Red registered circle at Vienna.

15 kr

Blue shades.

Linear type IL-I at RIED in Upper Austria.
Linear type RL-R at OLBERSDORF in Czech Silesia.
Linear RL-R at ST.OSWALD in Upper Austria.
Linear RL-R at WADOWICE in Galicia, Poland.
2 lines frame type RhB-R at PILSEN in Bohemia.
Decorated DC in Hungary in B. CSABA. Lower printing defect. Mi15II.
Used in Croatia in DARUVAR.
Fragment used in Serbia in NEU BECSE.
Antiqua at STERNBERG in Moravia. Perforation misplaced.
Circle used at PESTH in Hungary with time (Evening). Mueller RS-fh.
Circle used at WIEN with time 4 A (Evening). Mueller RS-fh.
Used in Austria in WAIDHOFEN a/d YBBS.

15 kr with red cancel

Red registered oval at Vienna.
Pale blue, registered red oval in Vienna. in 1859.
Triple overlapped, Recommended at Vienna in 1860


Rare combination of 3 & 2 kr, blue cancel at TRAUTMANNSDORF. Corinphila auction.