Austria-Empire 1861

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  • Issue Date: December 1860- 1861
  • Designed by:
  • Engraving by: J. Tautenhayn
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography, embossed
  • Perforations: 14
  • Watermark: none

Introduced in connection with envelopes (Postal stationeries). Valid until May 31, 1864. Third Issue for the cancellations study by Edwin Mueller.

Used stamps

2 kr

Buckle at Vienna (AT)
Circle at N:B:H:WIEN
Oval with Expedition in Vienna. Mi18
Circle at SISSEK Bahnhof in Croatia.
Circle at SZATMAR in Romania.

3 kr

Grotesk circle for WIEN, type GzS-fh.
Special buckle for WIEN, type GF-fh y.
Special buckle for WIEN, type GF-fh z.
Framed at TRIEST in Italy.
Crcle at PESTH in Hungary.
Red circle RECOMMANDIRT in 1862, at Vienna.

5 kr

Note the variety of cancellation types.

5 kr used in a mobile railway.
Linear at GORLICE in Poland.
Linear at BORGO in Italy.
Antiqua circle at LAXENBURG in Lower Austria
Circle at NADWORNA in Ukraine.
Circle at MISSLITZ in Moravia.
Decorated circle (Mueller RSo-f) at M. BUDWITZ in Moravia.
Circle variation (Mueller RSm-f) at GÖDING in Moravia.
Decorated DC (Mueller RDb-f) at CHRAZNOW in Poland.
DC with star (Mueller RDs-f) at WEISSENKIRCHEN in Lower Austria.

10 kr

Linear at KITTSEE in Austria (Burgenland).
Circle at PROSSNITZ in Moravia.
Circle at KOZOWA in Ukraine.
Circle at KALOCSA in Hungary.
Type RrS-f at BRÜNN Bahnhof in Moravia.
Antiqua circle at BÖHM.KAMNITZ in Bohemia
Antiqua circle at UNG. OSTRA in Moravia.
Deep brown used at HALL IN TYROL, Austria.
Pale brown, circle at Gross-Siegharts (AT) in Lower Austria.
Type RDs-f at RAVELSBACH in Lower Austria.

With Expedition

Type RS-fe at ALT-BRÜNN Expedition 1.E. in Moravia.
Type R2S-fh at WIEN, hour 11 M
Brown used at ROVEREDO with expedition 5 in Italy.

Registered cancels

Black oval registered at TRIEST in 1861-1863 period.
Red oval at WIEN FILIALAMT, year blackened

15 kr

Light blue Mi22
Deep blue Mi22
Red cancel RECOMMANDIRT at WIEN in 1862.
Blue decorated circle at PERG in Upper Austria. Auction.


Cover at EBENFURTH (Lower Austria) to Wien in 1863. Auction image.
From a cover at Ebreichsdorf (AT) (Lower Austria) with mixed franking (3 + 2 kr).
With 5 kr from UNZMARKT (Styrie) to Mauterndorf (Salzburg) in 1861.