Austria-Empire 1864

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  • Issue Date: October 1863-1864
  • Designed by:
  • Engraving by: J. Tautenhayn
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography on embossed paper
  • Perforations: 9²
  • Watermark: BRIEF-MARKEN since mid 1864

There is no country indication, only the currency Kreuzer. This Issue is not to be confused with the 14 perforated issued in July 1863.

Used stamps

There is no year, but large offices have added an Expedition (time related information).

2 kr in Vienna, 9-11 Fr(uh). Mi30
2 kr circle at SISSEK in Croatia.
3 kr in Lower Austria, 4-E.
3 kr in Vienna
3 kr at ARAD in Romania, circle, no expedition.
5 kr at INNSBRUCK in Tyrol, hour X. Mi32
5 kr used at TATA in Hungary.
5 kr circle in Hungary.
10 kr red cancelled (registered) in Budapest. Mi33
15 kr ornamented cancel of Galicia, NISKO (Poland). Mi34
15 kr circle in Galicia, TARNOW (Poland).


10 kr bisected at BEODRA in Serbia. Proposed by Corinphila in 2005.