Austria-Empire 1876 Newspaper

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Imperf Block Used in 1894


  • First Issue Date: April 1876
  • Print Process:
  • Perforations: none
  • Watermark: ZEITUNGS-MARKEN (some of the 200 stamps per page)

Mercure head type I or III, fine print, for use in Cisleithania countries (see Austria-Empire).

Valid until 30 September 1900.

Enormous amount issued: 2,070,000,000 according to Michel catalogue (all 3 types).

Only Ferchenbauer type III: upper circle is interrupted.

Unused stamps


Used stamps

Type III

The most usual of all types, especially unused.

Grey shades

With above neighbourgh at Neunkirchen (AT) in Lower Austria.
Circle at Feldkirchen in Kaernten (AT) in 1897, Carinthia

Violet shades

Large at right. See main typical places.
Unusual thick paper, bilingual at NEUHAUS in 1887, Bohemia.
Circle at ZELL AM SEE in 1888, Austria
Circle at HOHENFURTH in 1890ca, Bohemia.
Circle at TRIEST Tergesteo in 1891, Italy. Lower page border.
Circle at MORI in 1894, Italy
Late 1896 at ALTENMARKT cancel in Austria.
Late use in 1899, in Ukraine, at CZERNOWITZ 1

Type IIIa

Like type IIIbut the upper circle is closed.

1881 cancel at BAZIAS in Banat (Romania). Type IIIa?
Circle at SAGOR in Slovenia. Type IIIa?

Type IIIz

Type IIIz pale gray purple: In the 1st edition of Type III (thicker paper and whitish rubber) the curved meanders are straight.

Przemysl (Poland) 30 Mar 1877

Record flaw 3 to 17


Special Feature of Separation

Private puncture until 31 Dec 1885: Type III

diagonal puncture
Gray purple type III with private puncture on all 4 sides and left diagonally through the stamp, canceled by a single-circle stamp "ZEITUNGS-EXPED. 27-1-79 WIEN" on wrapper with address label to Graz next to crossed out handwritten note "return Vienna".

Private perforation from 1 Jan 1886: Type III

Gray-violet 16 unit with central horizontal and vertical double stroke of the perforation, stamped in Vienna 26 Nov 1895.