Austria 2011 Bronze Relief Basilica Rankweil

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date : 2 September 2011
  • one value
  • Designed by : Peter Sinawehl
  • Printed by : Austrian State Printing Office (ÖSD)
  • Print Process : combination print gravure pressure
  • Perforations : 14
  • Quantities printed: 250,000
  • Michel Number: 2948
  • Stanley Gibbons Number:
  • Yvert Number:

Sacred Art

90c ~ Healing of a woman, bronze relief from the Basilica Rankweil by Ulrich Henn (1925-3014), German sculptor


The relief "Healing of a Woman" depicted on the stamp is a work of art from our time – it is part of a bronze altar in the Basilica Rankweil created in 1986 and comes from Ulrich Henn. Born in 1925 in Schwäbisch Hall, the artist once created his first works, in American captivity, with razor blades and made of ammunition crate wood. In 1948 Henn founded his own studio in Stuttgart and set up his own business as a sculptor. Since then, countless important sacred works of art have been created in many different countries, including church portals, fountains, free sculptures, altars and subtly crafted tabernacles that show Henn's fine "handwriting" in an unmistakably beautiful way.