Austro-Hungarian Post Offices in the Turkish Empire 1864

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  • Issue Date: 1864
  • Designed by:
  • Engraving by: H. Tautenhayn
  • Printed by:
  • Print Process: Typography on embossed, machine-made paper
  • Perforations: 9²
  • Watermark: none

Lombardy-Venetia issue, valid in the Austrian post-offices in the Turkish Empire. Only used stamps can be placed here.

Stamps used outside Italy

10 soldi Lloyd Agenzie cancel in Istanbul.
10 soldi LLOYD AGENZIE in Izmir (Turkey).
10 soldi blue cancel in Romania.
10 soldi blue fingerhut cancel in 1868 in Romania.
15 soldi oval in Romania.
15 soldi circle in Israel.


15 soldi DC in Turkey in 1868.
15 soldi circle in Greece in 1869.