Bad Saeckingen (DE)

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Bad Säckingen is a town (17,036 inhabitants end 2015) in the administrative district of Waldshut in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany, located on the Rhine, facing Switzerland. Historically, in the Grand Duchy of Baden, province of Waldshut.

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Postmarks in Germany

Meter Marks

"Bürgermeisteramt" (= mayor's office) 10 Mar 1997

Postmarks in German Empire

After 31 December 1871.

Postmarks of Grand Duchy of Baden

SAECKINGEN was a District (Kreis), code 121; a sub-office (Postablage) was opened in RICKENBACH.

6 kr issue 1862, 5 rings 121. Mi14.
3 KR issue 1862, DC. Mi18.


1 & 3 kr issues 1862, linear SÄCKINGEN (15 points Grobe) and DC. Mi13a &18. Sold 1,250 DM in 1979.
Part of a 1864 cover with Bisected 12 kr Landpost, 121 and DC SÄCKINGEN. MiLP3xH. Sold 20,000 SF in 1999.