Barbados 2007 Abolition of The Slave Trade Act 1807

From Stamps of the World
  • Issue date: 28th March 2007
  • four values and a miniature sheet
  • Design: CASB Studios
  • Printed by: BDT International Security Printers, Ireland
  • Print process: lithography
  • stamp format height 48mm x width 32½mm, or height 32½mm x width 48mm ($1.75, $2)
  • miniature sheet format height 80mmx width 115mm
  • Perforations: 14.75 x 14 (10c, $1) or 14 x 14.75. Miniature sheet perf 14.75 x 14
  • Notes Bicentenary of the British Parliament passing the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act

on March 25, 1807, abolishing the slave trade (though not slavery) throughout the British Empire. Slaves were freed in Barbados in 1838 ($2 design)

Barbados Slave Trade Act a.jpg
Barbados Slave Trade Act b.jpg
Barbados Slave Trade Act c.jpg
Barbados Slave Trade Act d.jpg

Miniature Sheet

Barbados Slave Trade Act MS.jpg