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Belize City (Spanish: Ciudad de Belice) is the largest of the 2 official cities (61,762 inhabitants in 2016) in Belize and was the capital of the former British Honduras. Belize City was founded (originally as "Belize Town") in 1638 by British lumber harvesters. It had previously been a small Maya city called Holzuz. Belize Town was ideal for the British as a central post because it was on the sea and a natural outlet for local rivers and creeks down which the British shipped logwood and mahogany. Belize Town also became the home of the thousands of African slaves brought in by the British to assist in the forest industry. It was the coordination site for the 1798 Battle of St. George's Caye, won by the British against would-be invaders, and the home of the local courts and government officials up to the 1970s. For this reason, historians often say that "the capital was the Colony", because the center of British control was here.

This sentiment remains true today. Even though people like Antonio Soberanis, George Price and Evan X Hyde all lobbied to take their movements outside, and other ethnic groups such as the Garifuna and Mestizos sprang up elsewhere in the country, people looked to Belize Town for guidance.

Belize Town slowly improved its infrastructure and has been the object of numerous infrastructural projects. Nevertheless, many of the streets built from colonial days are still small and congested, a majority of houses are still susceptible to fire and damage from hurricanes, and the city is always awaiting something calamitous to happen.

Since 1973

Belize cover featuring a pair of scarce 10¢ over 35¢ surcharged provisional stamps along with a single 5¢ for the 25¢ surface rate. Date stamped Belize City (January 11, 1984) to England. The cover is under-franked as airmail mailing but met the surface rate. The 10¢/35¢ provisional was released September 28, 1983 was prepared primarily for fiscal duty but valid for postage. The stamps on the cover are from positions 21 and 22 (Row 5, columns 1 and 2).

Self-government (1964-1973)

Belize City. International Reply Coupon Belize City 1970.

British Empire era (1844-1963)

The postmark A06 was in use from 1858.

A06 on six-pence lilac
Grid oval BELIZE on the 1906 issue.
Circle BELIZE on the 1908 issue.
BELIZE in 1947. Stampset Stampset.png
2c Postal Stationery WRapper sent from Belize to a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. 2c rate for up to 4 ounces. US civil censorship marking applied in San Antonio, Texas.