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Bern or Berne (German: Bern [bɛrn], Alemannic German: Bärn [b̥æːrn], ) is the de facto capital of Switzerland, referred to by the Swiss as their (e.g. in German) Bundesstadt, or "federal city". With a population of 142,656 (March 2018), Bern is also the capital of the canton of Bern. Exonyms: French: Berne, Italian: Berna, Romansh: Berna.

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Postmark Examples

20th century

Bridge LORRAINE in 1923
BERN 1 BRIEFVERSAND (mailing of letters) in 1953
3000 BERN 1 BRIEFVERSAND in 1966
3000-BERN-15, 1974, Weltpostverein - Union Postale Universelle. Postage stamp depicts Heinrich von Stephan.
3000-BERN-15, 1983, Weltpostverein - Union Postale Universelle

19th century

Bridge in 1881 on the Sitting Helvetia.

Meter Cancels

Meter cancel 1937
Meter cancel 1968
Meter cancel 1970
Meter cancel 1971
3000-Bern-15, Weltpostverein UPU 1984
3000-Bern-15, Weltpostverein UPU 1987
Meter cancel 1988

Cards and Covers

Stampset.png 1939 Bern 1 to Varna, Bulgaria
Stampset.png 1943 Bern 7 to Sofia, Bulgaria
Stampset.png 1964 Bern 1 to Pernik, Bulgaria
Souvnir leaf of the Swiss Post to the stamp exhibition "PHILATELIA'90" in Berlin, postmarked in "3030 Bern", 08-11-1990