Bingen am Rhein (DE)

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Bingen am Rhein is a town ((24,234 inhabitants end 2013) in the Mainz-Bingen district in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany.

The settlement's original name was Bingium, a Celtic word that may have meant "hole in the rock", a description of the shoal behind the Mäuseturm, known as the Binger Loch. Bingen was the starting point for the Via Ausonia, a Roman military road that linked the town with Trier. Historically in the Grand Duchy of Hesse (Rheinhessen).

Bingen is well known for, among other things, the story about the Mouse Tower, in which allegedly the Bishop of Mainz Hatto was eaten by mice.

Bingerbrück is a part of Bingen since 1969.

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Postmarks in Germany

BINGEN, RHEIN 655 in 1973

Meter cancel

Bingen swings the last weekend in June, Bingen am Rhein 12 Jun 2001

Postmarks in German Empire

Covers and Cards

Postcard sent from BINGEN (RHEIN) to Kiel on 29 August 1899.


The Bingerbrück-Saarbrücken (Saarland) railway office opened in May 1860.

Bridge in 1917.

Postmarks in North German Confederation

Until end 1871.

Postmarks in Prussia Rheinland province

BINGERBRÜCK used a Postal code 130, Kreis Creuznach, District of Coblenz.

Circle BINGEN, TuT type

Postmarks by Thurn und Taxis

BINGEN used a postal code 97.

4 Rings 97 on the 1859 issue.