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Bolzano (pronunciation: [bolˈtsaːno] or [bolˈdzaːno]), German: Bozen, Ladin: Balsan or Bulsan; Latin: Bauzanum) is the capital city of the province of South Tyrol in northern Italy. With a population of 105,713 (2013), Bolzano is also by far the largest city in South Tyrol. Historically, an autonomous town in the Tyrol crownland.

There are 5 City districts:

- Centro-Piani-Rencio (German: Zentrum-Bozner Boden-Rentsch) - Don Bosco (German: Don Bosco-Neugries) - Europa-Novacella (German: Europa-Neustift) - Gries-San Quirino (German: Gries-Quirein) - Oltrisarco-Aslago (German: Oberau-Haslach)

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Postmark in the Republic of Italy

Meter cancels

Meter cancel 2005
Meter cancel 2005

Postmark in the Kingdom of Italy

Italian "Bolzano", German "Bozen", capital of the Italian region "Trentino-South Tyrol", German "Südtirol" (contemporary Italy)

Bolzano, 11-10-1933
Bolzano, 20-12-1933

Postmarks in Austria-Hungary era (1867-1918)

The GRIES bei BOZEN post office opened on 23 June 1869. Note there is a GRIES am BRENNER.

BOZEN BAHNHOF cancel on 1895 postal card to Sondershausen, Germany
Fingerhut GRIES b.BOZEN in 1874ca.

Postmarks in Austrian Empire Tyrol province

The post office, named BOTZEN, opened before 1850. Named BOZEN in 1867.