Canada 2009 Winter Games Emblems & Mascots

From Stamps of the World
  • Date of Issue : 12th January 2009 - 12th February 2009
  • five values (designs) self-adhesive from various sources, and five values (designs) with gum, in miniature sheet
  • Perforations : 13.0 x 13.0
  • Tagging :
  • Paper :
  • Design : Meomi and VANOC (games emblems), or Naomi Broudo and Violet Finvers (mascots)
  • Printer : Lowe-Martin Group
  • miniature sheet format height 82mm x width 140mm

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games. Emblems and Mascots

P(54c) ~ emblem of Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games
P(54c) ~ emblem of Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Olympic Games
98c ~ Miga the Whale (mascot) as mogul skiier
$1.18 ~ Sumi the animal guardian spirit (mascot) as Paralympic curler
$1.65 ~ Quatchi the sqsquatch (mascot) as ice-hockey goalminder

Self-adhesive coil stamps (vertical coils, stamps affixed adjacently)

  • stamp format height 21mm x width 24mm
  • die-cut perforation 8.5 (low rise zig-zag) x imperforate
  • the two non-denominated designs (P stamps) alternate on the vertical coil
P(54c) x 2 designs
98c coil
$1.18 coil
$1.65 coil

Self-adhesive coil stamps

  • horizontal coils, stamps separately spaced
P(54c) Winter Olymnpics horiz coil x strip of 4
P(54c) Paralympics horiz coil x strip of 4

Self-adhesive booklets

  • sold as flat panels of six stamps (3 x 2, affixed adjacently)
  • die-cut perforations 9 (zig-zag) x imperf
  • the $7.08 Paralympics booklet issued on 12th February 2009

Miniature Sheet

  • contains gummed strip of five designs
  • issue date 12th February 2009
miniature sheet, strip of five gummed stamps
P (54c) from miniature sheet
P (54c) from miniature sheet
68c from miniature sheet
$1 18 from miniature sheet
$1 65 from miniature sheet