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  • Reference to the Printer P.T.T. Paris. This was an Acronym for Postes, Télégraphe and Téléphone at the Atelier de Fabrication des Timbres in Paris. Literal Translation is Posts, Telegraph and Telephone at the workshop of manufacturing of stamps. (French Government). Was located at 103 Boulevard Brune‎ 75014 Paris.
  • From 1991. Reference to the Printer ITVF this stands for Imprimerie des Timbres Poste et des Valeurs Fiduciaies. (French Government). Now Located at Zi de Boulazac, 24017 Périgueux (Dordogne)
  • From 2006. Reference to the Printer Phil@Poste this stands for The Service National des Timbres-Poste et de la Philatelie (La Poste Philatelic Division)
  • Reference to the word Sant is Catalan for Saint.
  • Reference to Printers Date (Coin Daté in French) is the Actual Date stamps were printed and usually appears in the corner of the sheet. For an Example see Andorra - French 2010 Belgian Embassy.
  • Andorra La Vella. Means Andorra the City in order to differentiate it from Andorra the Country. The word Vella is derived from the name Vela. This dispells the common believe that Andorra La Vella had the meaning of 'Andorra the Old' which is incorrect.
  • For more information on the World of Andorran Philately go to: Andorran Philatelic Study Circle
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