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The European „Baroque“ characterises artworks of the time 16th century (with beginnings during or after the 30-years-war 1618-1648), and ends in the 1770s with the increasing of the Classicism). One distinguishes artworks in painting, sculptures, glass painting, porcelains, jewellery, architecture and artworks of the music as well as music instrumnts building, literature, philosophy etc., also one distinguishes after European regions.
Chronological one differents roughly between:

a) Early Baroque (beginnings to ca. around 1650)
b) High Baroque (ca. 1650 – ca. 1700)
c) Late Baroque (ca. 1700 – ca. 1730)
d) Roccoco (ca. 1730 – ca. 1760)
e) Classicistic Baroque (with Palladianism) as transition from Baroque to the Classicism
The so-called "Neo Baroque" is a variant of the "Historism" of the 19th century.

- Predecessor style: Renaissance and Mannerism
- Successor style: Classicism
- Parallel style in Europe: Genre painting (with faded distinctions)

Initially was the baroque the art style of the Counter-Reformation and the catholicism, later it was the art of the absolutism. Point of beginnings were the Italian noblesse republics and from there it was expatiated upon the whole Europe over Spain, England (constitutional monarchy) and France and Austria (absolutistic monarchies) and also to the non-catholic rest-Europe until to Russia. However, pure baroque art in Central Europe and Germany and northern and eastern of that is relatively rare, especially because of the general poorness during and after the time of the Thirthy-Years-War 1618-1648. Characteristical for the baroque is among others a general expressiveness, a movement in all his forms, an emphasis of the feeling, and all in combination with a luxurious display of splendour (e.g. by representative rooms in the architecture), and many more. First in the end phase appears again the classical proportions and sobriety of the Renaissance. The word is coming from old-French "baroque" or old-Italian "barocco" and means "quaint" and was originally applied mainly for stucco elements.


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