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French Colonial Empire

According to the French constitution from 29 September 1946 was the "Union Française" ("Fourth Republic") composed of

a) the motherland France
b) the Oversea territories (T.O.M. = "Territoires d'Outre-Mer")
- A.O.F. ("Afrique Occidentale Française")
Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea, Soudan, Niger, Ivory Coast, Dahomey, Upper-Volta (was already dissolved in 1932, but redirected in 1947)
- A.E.F. ("Afrique Équatoriale Française")
Gabon, Middle-Congo (consisting of Pointe Noire, Ubangi-Schari, Tchad)
Madagascar (five Provinces and Dependencies)
Dependencies of Madagascar are: Nossi-Bé, St.Marie, the island Europa, Juan da Nova, Barren, Bassas da India, the Glorieuses, the Kerguéles (only a french whaling station) and the Franch Antarctic Territories (how for instance "Adélie")
- the Comores-Archipel (since 1947)
- the French Somali Coast ("Côte Française des Somali")
- the French possessions in India and Oceania
c) the "Départements d'Outre-Mer"
- Réunion
d) the "Général-Gouvernment" Algeria
e) the Mandate territories (UN-mandate territories, since 1946)
- Togo
- Cameroon
f) the Anglo-French condonium "New Hebrides"
e) the Protectorates
- Morocco (Sultanate with separate treatment)
- Tunesia
g) associated states in Indochine

The former term "colonies" was avoided in this document. It existed then/and also today still a fundamental difference between a centralized administration of the French territories and a decentralized administration of the British territories in the world, insofar these areas are not autonomous or independent.


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