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PLEASE NOTE The Line Engraved stamps all vary in both degree of number of prints and rarity of watermarks or perforations.
Many stamps are so rare that any example is worthy of noting and plating.
Because of this the purpose of the Die II section (That has many rare plates / states / varieties and wmk/perf combinations); is to get as many examples of plated items added 'regardless' of the condition of the stamp.
Many collectors of this material will 'keep' a stamp in any condition, until a better example comes along. The wiki will also follow this method and add stamps that are known regardless of their physical condition, however if a better example is found the images will be swapped out with the lesser stamp moved to the additional images page for that plate/lettering.

Alphabet II was used on Plates 1-21

Alphabet III was used on Plates 22 - R17. An aid to identifying the subsets of these punches can be found here.

Alphabet IV was used on Plates 50 & 51 Hand cut

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