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This section of the wiki is the most complex in terms of philately as it deals with the Plating of the Line Engraved stamps with 'star' corners.

VR Plate unit SH possibly used as part of Roland Hill's postmark removal trials

The excellent addition of Mike Batty's Notes below each unit, should help the reader to understand more and gain a knowledge of the series. As well as aid in the identification of the stamps. This site thanks Mike Batty for his permission to use his notes in this format.

Please use good quality scans of 600px, 800px or 1200px

Each Plate Page features a stamp/placeholder for each position on the plate AA-TL below each you will find a More Images link that will take you to that individual Plate/Position where additional images may be found if added. The pages will normally be sectioned off so in the case of Die II you will see sub-page classifications for the C categories. If the main Plate image comes from a block/cover, you will also see the block or cover on each page it is plate positioned to.

Where possible please make the Black printings point to the relevant Red unit pages (If also printed from black plates) and display both Red & Black printings on the Red unit page.

With thanks to the National Postal Museum images for Die I Plates are reproduced here for educational and study use.

Line Engraved Die I NPM Sheet Proofs


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