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Please ensure all towns/cities/areas have the correct two digit country code in brackets after the town/city/area name. This will prevent duplicates on the site. The two digit ISO codes can be found at . If the territory is no longer issuing stamps then the site admins will allocate a 3 digit code to the dead country. Please use the contact us link on the right to have a territory without a 2 digit ISO code added.
English lettering is used to create pages, no special lettering (e.g. Á Ô Õ É) are used.
However the descriptions for the town should include the correct sounded spelling as this will then be picked up in page searches. So for instance searching for Nynäshamn will still find the page named Nynashamn (English lettering).

If you would like to link a stamp with a postmark to its series then please use the template {{StampSet|Name of Set}}. This will create the following icon and link to the relevant page. Stampset.png (This icon links to the Transkei 1993 Dogs set)

When mapping we have the following markers available :

Black marker.pngBlack Blue marker.pngBlue Light Green marker.pngLight Green Olive marker.pngOlive Green marker.pngGreen Grey marker.pngGrey Orange marker.pngOrange Red marker.pngRed Pink marker.pngPink Yellow marker.pngYellow Cyan marker.pngCyan Brown marker.pngBrown Red Yellow marker.pngRed Yellow Blue Yellow marker.pngBlue Yellow Purple marker.pngPurple

Please Note To create a new postmark page enter the town name and ISO code below (with a space between the name and the brackets please),(two digit ISO for current countries and three digit for dead countries) and click the create new postmark page button. This will take you to an edit page where you need to fill in the following items X-coordinates,Y-coordinates and COUNTRYREQUIRED. This will give you a basic postmark page with the correct layout.

ALSO NOTE there are three countries that do not require ISO codes Sweden, Malta & Zululand. Watch a video of how to Create a Postmark Page

N.B. There is no right or wrong way to create a country postmark page, these may be based on the historical timelines or by Post office names over a given period. If in doubt look at other postmarks for the countries as users appear to be creating pages that are best suited to the particular country. Try using the same format for each country if possible to maintain best practice.


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