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Småland Province in Sweden.

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Småland Province

Småland is a historical province (landskap) in southern Sweden. Småland borders Blekinge, Scania (Swedish: Skåne), Halland, Västergötland, Östergötland and the island Öland in the Baltic Sea.

The name Småland literally means Small Lands. The Latinized form Smolandia has been used in other languages. The highest point in Småland is Tomtabacken, at 377 metres (1,237 ft).

In terms of total area, Småland is of a similar size as Belgium. The traditional provinces of Sweden no longer serve any governmental purpose, but they do remain important historically and culturally. The province of Småland today is divided almost entirely into the three administrative counties of Jönköping, Kalmar, and Kronoberg.

Some few small portions of historic Småland are situated in Halland and Östergötland Counties.

The current coat of arms, granted in 1569, displays a rampant red lion carrying a crossbow, all on a golden background. The arms may be surmounted by a ducal coronet. The blazon in English would be, "Or, a lion rampant gules, langued and armed azure, holding in its front paws a crossbow of the second, bowed and stringed Sable with a bolt argent."

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