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The stamp designer: Vásárhelyi Gyula László (Julian Vasarhelyi)

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Gyula László Vásárhelyi (1929-2013) was born in Gyula, Békés County, in south-east Hungary, where his father was working at that time. The family were from Jaszbereny but due to Julian's father's work they lived in several places including Transylvania.

After the war the family moved to Budapest, where Julian lived until the 1956 uprising when he fled to England. Julian was in the final year of his studies at the Hungarian Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest when the uprising broke out and in November 1956 when hostilities were almost over, Mr. Vásárhelyi left Hungary and went to London, England where he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. He finished his studies there after 18 months.

In 1958 he won a scholarship from the Paderewsky Foundation of New York which enabled him to spend one year in Baroda, India and two years in Indonesia studying oriental art, and painting portraits and other works depicting the local life. The year 1963 finds Mr. Vásárhelyi in Cuzco, Peru, the ancient capital of the Incas, where he taught for two and a half years at the university. Whilst studying in the Far East and South America Julian held several exhibitions of his work, which were reported in the local press and received many compliments

Mr. Vásárhelyi returned to England in 1965 and began his career as a free lance artist occupied almost exclusively with stamp designing. He designed 7500 stamps for 165 different countries.

If you want to light a candle in memory of the artist, you can do here.

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