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The Kingdom of Württemberg (German: Königreich Württemberg) was a state in Germany that existed from 1806 to 1918, located in the area that is now Baden-Württemberg. The Kingdom was a continuation of the Duchy of Württemberg, which came into existence in 1495. Prior to 1495, the ruling house of Württemberg had consisted of counts ruling only a fragment of the Duchy of Swabia, which had dissolved after the death of Conradin in 1268.

The borders of the Kingdom of Württemberg, as defined in 1813, were situated between 47°34' and 49°35' north and 8°15' and 10°30' east. The greatest distance north to south was 225 km and the greatest east to west was 160 km. The border had a total length of 1800 km and the total area of the state was 19,508 km².

The Kingdom was bordered by the Kingdom of Bavaria on the east and by the Grand Duchy of Baden on the other three sides. For a short distance on the southern side it bordered the Principality of Hohenzollern and Lake Constance.

The postal authority was by Thurn und Taxis before the 22 March 1851 Treaty. The Kingdom (Republic in 1918) maintained postage rights until 31 March 1920, long after the creation of the Empire of Germany, but for the Official stamps only. The rights to issue regular stamps were dropped on 2 April 1902.

Württemberg Album page ca 1895, King William II (1891-1918) and CoA.