Diksmuide (BE)

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Diksmuide (Dutch pronunciation: [ˌdɪksˈmœy̯də]; French: Dixmude, West Flemish: Diksmude) is a Belgian city and municipality in the Flemish province of West Flanders. The municipality comprises the city of Diksmuide proper and the former communes of Beerst, Esen, Kaaskerke, Keiem, Lampernisse, Leke, Nieuwkapelle, Oostkerke, Oudekapelle, Pervijze, Sint-Jacobs-Kapelle, Stuivekenskerke, Vladslo and Woumen.

Most of the area west of the city is a polder riddled with drainage trenches. The major economic activity of the region is dairy farming, producing the famous butter of Diksmuide.

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Dixmude (!) 1914
Stampset.png - DIXMUDE Railway in 1927
Diksmuide 1996
Stampset.png - Railway Postmark


Stampset.png - Railway Postmark


A relay office - named PERVYSE - opened in 1881.

Circle PERVYSE in 1921.